Today’s High Tech Auto Body Shop

The evolution of the car has changed dramatically since the first car was built centuries ago. The auto body shops los angeles from previous years has not had much on the way to the second chance. If the unthinkable happened causing damage, mechanics in garages may be able to make improvements to their work, but nothing that can be compared with the repairs possible today as a result of the high technology equipment used on a daily basis.


Seeing a good paint job is something most people can do. Previously, repairing paint was a nightmare. You want to go to the workshop and spend time with a mechanic arguing over which color was closest to that of the car, knowing that if someone pays attention to your vehicle, the uneven work of paint will be revealed.

Quickly forward by 2014 and the technology is able to find out the exact color code of the paint’s current paint coating, which then allows mechanics to reproduce exactly the same color to ensure that the auto body looks like new.

The technology has also reduced the effect of carbon footprint painting the auto body has. Lead was a key ingredient in paints that is not good for human health and the environment. The new water-based paint has improved this situation enormously ensuring that car body shops play their part in saving the environment.


Mechanics have always been known for having a good eye and although this has not changed, they are now supported by technology. The technology is able to get 100% accurate measurements every time. While initially there was some resistance to cover the technology all car body shops now realized computers are way ahead, and if not in use the shop can also throw a white towel now.


Every mechanic from Calgary to Timbuktu knows how to weld. Materials used to weld parts in place is quite important things, a weak point in welding can be dangerous. As researchers looked at spot welds, the sheets used for welding are now lighter and stronger than they were 10 years ago. In particular, scientists are looking for the best balance between transverse tensile strength and tensile strength to provide the best options. Another result of using lighter materials in the welding process is environmental benefits.

Small dents

Paint-free dent repairs are carried out daily in car workshops. This is one of the areas in high-tech bodyshops, which has not been completely revolutionized by technology. Initially, the elbow grease was all that was required with a little knowledge of how. Fast forward today, the task is still manual, however, a few specialized tools are used to get the best results.

Innovations are taking place at an unbelievable pace. People are learning how to use it every day in a new way. Some of these innovations have revolutionised the way garages operate. With robots and machines constantly evolving, we can see day mechanics being eliminated from car body repair.

Before you try to escape and find auto body shops close to you, take a moment to read this article and consider in this some of my personal experience as a mechanic for your own personal reflections on what constitutes the best auto body shops in business. When I smash things down, there are really two types of garages in business: good and bad. The best place to start from, trying to select a potential body shop, is the owner. In bad car repair shops the owner usually instructs the staff to give the impression that your car is in worse condition and then you think that something is damaged and needs to be repaired right away. In a legitimate auto garage, the owner is more interested in forging a long-lasting relationship with you and an increasingly repetitive business rather than just ripped you off and potentially never seeing you again.

The reason why most owners deal with ripped people off, especially in a sheet metal workshop, is that the only two reasons why cars ever go there is to repair for crash damage or to work to order, this means that shop owners don’t realistically see vehicle owners too often and don’t see value in repetitive business, they prefer to try to squeeze every penny out of your time while you’re there.

The best auto and body shop you can ever find is where the owner looks to develop long-term customer relationships. While it is true that potentially they can never see a newer customer again, these owners are intelligent and do the best possible job, not only to help you, but to impress and have to recommend their friends and family to him or her. These owners are less curious about wallet raking and more interested in establishing a reputation in their local community for outstanding work and service. These types of people see value in what it means to be a real professional and are more effective than their more selfish friends in business.

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