Ways to make your home an intelligent home

A smart home is defined as a network of home automation systems so that you can easily control several different technologies from one device. The different devices in the home can communicate with each other, including lighting, TV, heating and cooling, and security systems. A smart home is a comfortable home and helps you manage your time by controlling different technologies with one remote control.


Let your TV, DVD, stereo and pay TV run on a single network. If you can, eliminate messy cables and power supplies and have the system prewired during the construction phase of your home. You can get perfect reception in different rooms at the touch of a button. Since everything is controlled via a network, you can have a central DVD player that plays to every TV in the house. The picture quality of the televisions will also not deteriorate, regardless of how many televisions you have connected to the system.


If you’re worried about your security, you can install a surveillance camera at the front door or even at your main gate. These cameras can be connected to the system and you can watch what’s going on from any TV in your house. It can also be practical and safe. For example, if you are upstairs and the doorbell rings, you can turn on the TV and check who is at the door. That’s a good idea if it’s late at night. You might even want to set up a camera in the baby room and use it as a monitor.


By connecting your computers to your home automation system, you can have more than one computer using the Internet at the same time from different rooms of the house. The system can also connect computers for multiplayer games and your computers can share a printer and a scanner.


With a Smart Home, you can have a phone with multiple connections. This is a good idea if you run a business from home, so you can have a home number and a separate business area. You can also start a fax machine from the system via another telephone line, so if someone tries to call you while you are receiving a fax, they will not receive a busy signal. This will help your home business by increasing efficiency and improving your professionalism at the same time. You can also have separate telephone lines to give family members some privacy.

Heating and cooling

You can connect your heating and cooling system to the home automation system and control the temperature of your home. You can also control the temperature in your home by connecting your blinds to the system, which lowers at the touch of a button. You can set the controls to keep the temperature constant so it doesn’t get too hot or too cold, which can help reduce your energy consumption and save money.

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